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For the Fresno State Summer Institute. Participants share their materials built with the content builder. 

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Hi Everyone. Here's my digital teaching portfolio. It is still under construction so please pardon the "dust".


It's not public. I can't see it.



It's not published as a website. I can't see this.



I looked through most of the pages that have been posted and they are looking great. Something you can all do is look at each others sites and give any suggestions you might have. There are always problems that we may not see on our own pages like spelling errors or problems with links.
I guess I pasted the wrong link, maybe this will work!
Hi Everyone,

I changed my website address to the following:

The old website is no longer active.

See if you can get download the picture from here.
Dear Solar Neighborhood:

Thanks for your great work with your ePortfolios! A few of them are easily accessible by other Noyce Scholars, but would you please take a minute to help share them further with your colleagues?

The easiest way to do this is to add your ePortfolio to MERLOT's Materials at:

In the Description area (Step 2) at the above, there's a box to add keywords. Please add keywords Noyce ePortfolio and your site will then appear in search results.

A few of your sites are now featured at the new & improved Noyce Scholars Teaching Commons ePortfolio page but we would like to expand the offerings. Your update of MERLOT with your Web address and keywords will enhance this experience for all Noyce Scholars.

You will notice other changes to the Teaching Commons as you explore the tabs. Please check out your own subject area and anything else of interest, and let us know what you think. All feedback welcome! Comment here and we'll see it.

Thanks & regards,
--George Station
CSU/NSF Noyce Scholars Steering Group


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