Putting Educational Innovations into Practice.

At our last conference call we discussed the JCAA website and agreed to the following:

We would like to acknowledge the excellent work done by the JCAA committee to bring all of the information together into a single location.

In an attempt to make this information more accessible, all active links from the JCAA website will be incorporated into Merlot under the heading of Communication Sciences and Disorders with acknowledgment of JCAA on each listing.

Information from the JCAA website will be included in the CAPCSD Merlot “portal” where appropriate.

At the end of the conference call Mike, Carol and I discussed our presentation at the CAPCSD conference.  We agreed that we would like to include real-world examples of using Merlot to facilitate our teaching.  Since several of you are more experienced at using Merlot's resources then we are, we would appreciate examples.

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