Putting Educational Innovations into Practice.

Present on call: Pam, Marty, Susan, Mike, Cathy Swift
12/1/09 2-3 p.m.

Discussed priority of increasing resources in CSD MERLOT.

Plans to increase awareness of CAPCSD MERLOT at April CAPCSD meeting, CAPCSD Listserv announcement/s, and via new CAPCSD web site

Marty appointed to Editor position beginning January. Pam to help with transition, and continue in some role with the project.

April CAPCSD presentations: we are slated for two sessions and a demo table. Mike, Marty and Carol to present. Mike and Marty will submit title and presentation summary to program committee.

Pam to check with Craig about demo table request, and about posting MERLOT info to CAPCSD listserv.

Susan mentioned two resource examples and group discussed how they would be categorized.

Marty asked about posting YouTube links in MERLOT, and Cathy said that we can post those links in MERLOT. There was general agreement this could be useful.

Mike mentioned that Craig presented our update to CAPCSD Executive Board meeting at ASHA, Mike assisted and distributed approximately 40 flyers.

No conference call December 15. Marty to coordinate with Cathy for call schedule for next semester.

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