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I’m going to try and follow Pam’s tradition of updating the discussion forum in Merlot Voices following each conference call with notes/minutes.  Please look this over and comment on anything I left out or got wrong J

Cathy Swift, Jim Zeigler, Carol Dudding Mike Flahive, Craig Champlin and Martin Fischer were in attendance.

Cathy updated the group on the current state of submissions.  Presently we have 107 submissions with approximately 20 being original to CSD.  There was discussion of the submission process and everyone agree to
submit at least 5 items by the next meeting.

We looked at the CSD portal and Carol agreed to be the portal editor.  Marty and Mike will work on “Beyond Merlot”, Mike and Carol will work on “Teaching”.  It was suggested that we include a
picture and story from the upcoming CAPCSD conference in the “Showcase”.  We all committed to completing the
portal prior to the CAPCSD conference in April.

Jim volunteered to present information about CAPCSD Merlot at several upcoming meetings and conferences.  Marty, Mike, and Carol will present on Merlot at the CSPCSD conference in April and will staff a booth throughout the conference.

Craig gave a report from the recent CAPCSD meeting.  He indicated that 1. CAPCSD Merlot will be included in the CAPCSD strategic plan as a resource, 2. The JCAA website will be made available to CAPCSD Merlot for possible inclusion,  and 3. CAPCSD was supportive of
disseminating information about Merlot at both the CAPCSD conference and via

We agree to meet on the 2nd and 4th Wed. of each month at 12:00 noon (pacific), 1:00 (mountain), 2:00 (Central), 3:00 (Eastern) and 10:00 pm in Florence.

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Sorry to miss the meeting! First time. Family situation. I've submitted a lot of what is up there now, but I will work on adding a second item through the Content Builder, I think it is called.


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