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Zero-Textbook-Cost Degree Grant Program (California Community Colleges)

Just wanted to inform you of another OER initiative here in California.

The Legislature established the Zero-Textbook-Cost Degree (ZTCD) Grant Program in 2016 to increase the use of OER and enable students to complete a degree from the CCCs with no direct textbook costs (the attached file Z.Degree.RFA gives more background information).

I want to congratulate the CCC awardees who received either a planning or implementation grant (or both)---the colleges are listed in the other two attached files.

Ah, what the heck, I will list them right here!

American River, Berkeley City, Butte, Chaffey, Canyons, Lake Tahoe, Lassen, Marin, MiraCosta, Orange Coast, Palomar, Rio Hondo, Saddleback, San Diego Centers for Ed and Tech, San Jose City, Santa Ana, Santa Monica, Taft, and West Hills Lemoore.

I know that some of these colleges are also participating in the AB 798 Textbook Affordability Initiative Program.

 I look forward to participating in a culture of collaboration with each other.

Dan Crump

American River College

ZTCD Co-Project Director

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Apparently the other file (listing the implementation grants) didn't go through.

Here it is.


Thanks for the info.



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