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Textbook Affordability Campus Coordinators: Responsibilities and Guidelines

Implementing your campus' textbook affordability program will require (1) the coordination of activities for faculty, staff, and students, (2) the allocation and accountability of award funding, and (3) the evaluation of the program to be reported to the California Open Online Library, who in coordination with the Intersegmental Committee of the Academic Senates will need to annually report to the California Legislature before September 1 of each year. The RFP will require proposals to include a Textbook Affordability Campus Coordinator (TACC) to perform these critical tasks. There will be a few requirements for the TACC's responsibilities and additional recommendations provided by the CA OER Council.

Your proposed budget can include compensation for your campus coordinator and/or these responsibilities can be blended into an existing position. Campus proposals can also include budget for technical assistance. It will be up to each campus to decide how best to implement their TACC so it aligns with their program goals, campus culture and policies, and campus capabilities.

Requirements for Your Textbook Affordability Campus Coordinator:

  1. Be the contact and communication representative for the campus related activities including
    1. submitting campus proposal
    2. participating in activities (e.g. webinars with CA OER Council, conference calls, convenings, etc.) that support textbook affordability programs
    3. responding to inquiries concerning your campus textbook affordability program
  2. Responsible for the receipt and allocation of funding to campus budgets in accordance with the award and campus policies
  3. Provide annual reports to the California Open Online Library for Education beginning June 30, 2017 to June 30, 2020. COOL4Ed will provide the format and information requirements for the reports.

Recommendations for Textbook Affordability Campus Coordinator:

  • The TACC should be a full-time faculty, librarian, or other appropriate full-time staff and is expected to be available to serve for the entire duration of the project (August 2016- Sept 2020).
  • The TACC should be endorsed by the local campus Academic Senates or appropriate governance bodies. An ideal TACC would meet the following qualifications:
    • Have some experience with or knowledge of free and open educational resources, etextbooks and materials.
    • Have some basic understanding of OER issues (copyright, licensing, sources of OER textbooks and materials, technical issues, etc.).
    • Have knowledge of campus administrative and governance structure and of local curricula.
  • Be able to forge relationships with potential partners on campus (e.g., library, bookstore)
  • In preparation of the proposal, the TACC needs to identify faculty members who are willing to offer their classes to the OER adoption initiative and assess the financial impact that each course may have.
  • The TACC may need to create a campus committee for consultation on plans and policy as well as convene a campus task-force to support OER adoption. (The taskforce may, for instance, consist of a librarian who assists with the identification of OER material, technical support staff who ensures student access to digital textbooks, and bookstore staff who stocks optional low-cost hardcopies for sale.)
  • The TACC is strongly encouraged to organize faculty workshops and perform outreach about low cost textbooks and OER on campus. TACC should also actively communicate with and share resources with CCs on other campuses. CCs names, campus affiliations, participating faculty, and project proposal will be published on COOL4Ed.


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