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Reporting Requirements and Funding Process

You must complete and submit the AB 798 Savings spreadsheet along with the Campus Plan which asks you to describe the courses that will be adopting the OER to reduce the cost of course materials at least 30%. Please upload the spreadsheet as part of your campus plan.

This spreadsheet will be used to create an initial public reports that will be posted on the COOL4Ed website (October 2016). You will need to complete and upload the Progress Report spreadsheet which will be used to create the reports to the California legislature and the California Department of Finance (October 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020) as well as publish on the COOL4Ed website. The Progress Report spreadsheet provides you good guidance on the information you are required to report if you are granted and accept the award. We understand that there will be times when the courses you proposed for adoption of OER will need to be changed. These changes will be acceptable IF the savings per section is 30% or greater. The Progress Report spreadsheet will enable you to identify the changes in the courses as well as include additional courses that replace fee-based materials with OER materials that were not explicated planned.

Our goal is to make the reporting process as simple as possible AND design the report you provide to COOL4Ed so it can be easily used to promote the success of your textbook affordability programs at your own campus.

Funding Requirements:

"Moneys appropriated in subdivision (f) of Section 69999.6 for the program shall not be used for direct compensation for faculty members who adopt open educational resources, except as provided to compensate for professional development pursuant to subparagraph (A) of paragraph (1), or for purchasing new equipment."

Funding  Process

  • Disbursements from the Campus Open Educational Resources Adoption Incentive Program are incentive awards and not grants from state funds. No indirect costs are to be included in the budgets.
  • Campus Open Educational Resources Adoption Incentive Program awards for the California Community Colleges will be transferred to the CCC Chancellor's Office from the CSU Office of the Chancellor for distribution to CCC campuses following CCC policies and procedures.
  • Campus Open Educational Resources Adoption Incentive Program awards for the California State University will be distributed to CSU campuses following CSU policies and procedures by the CSU Office of the Chancellor.


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