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Become a HIP- Level 1 Certified Project Leader

The open Heroic Voices website for project leaders provides free and open resources and general guidance for individuals and groups to introduce people to the Heroic Imagination Program

HIP receives many requests to apply HIP programs in their local community.   To help people implement their heroic projects, HIP provides a procedure for people to become certified as Level 1 HIP Project Leaders.   

The Level 1 Certification process is designed to enable individuals who are dedicated to the HIP goals and who want to transform their community to use higher quality resources, curriculum, and consulting support from the HIP Team.

We want to help you become a leader of heroes! 

What’s Required To Become A HIP-Level 1 Certified Project Leaders

1. Join the Heroic Voices: Open Project Leaders’ Community

2. Review the materials about HIP and MERLOT so you are familiar with the HIP program

3. Within Heroic Voices: Open Project Leaders’ Community, add a discussion forum where you will:

     a.  Introduce yourself (Name, location, some personal background, your current position, etc.)

     b.  Provide an overview of your project and complete the HIP TEMPLATE FOR YOUR PROJECT PLAN

Your HIP Project Plan has some required tasks, including

  • Create a customized Heroic Voices Community for your project.
  • Write a brief story about how HIP curriculum is applied to the context of your situation/goals/community; explain how the bystander effect applies to the specific circumstances in your community.  

For example,   I live in NYC and in my school, some kids bully other kids for being nerds.   They go into the library where’s the only place some kids have a chance to study because they can’t at home.   Everyone just lets that happen and I want to stand up for a safe place for kids in the library rather than stand by.

FINALLY... Review and sign the "Roles and Responsibilities of a HIP Project Leader" agreement that documents your commitments to use the HIP resources and tools appropriately.  Email your signed agreement to

What Happens NEXT?

1. After you submit your signed agreement and post your plan,  a HIP Team Member will review your signed agreement and your plan posted in the Heroic Voices online community.

2.  With the approval of the HIP Team, you will be provided access to a “closed” Heroic Voices online community which will provide you access to HIP curriculum and direct communications with our HIP Project Leaders Support Staff.
HIP Certified Project Leader Community

3.  You will receive a HIP Level 1 Certified Project Leader certificate and digital badge in MERLOT

4.  You will be asked to provide updates on your project as you move forward, let us know when you’re done with the project, and/or letting us know that you’re not moving forward (which is fine) and why you’re stopping.   All this information will help us provide better services for you and people like you!


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