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Heroism Resources

These resources are provided as a guide to help you delve deeper and learn more about HIP strategies, as well as to provide an overview of the research on evil and an introduction to the body of wor… View »

Hero Toolkit

Coming soon!   View »

Become a HIP- Level 1 Certified Project Leader

The open Heroic Voices website for project leaders provides free and open resources and general guidance for individuals and groups to introduce people to the Heroic Imagination Program HIP receives… View »

About MERLOT - Your FREE and OPEN Library for Learning

MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resources for Learning and Online Teaching at )  is a FREE and Open library of online teaching and learning materials for everyone in the world… View »

Tools To Support HIP Leaders

Each Heroic Imagination Project requires a leader or leadership team to plan and manage the implementation of the HIP program to achieve to desired goals. This section projects some basic tools to… View »

Heroic Imagination Project's Educational Mission

The educational mission the Heroic Imagination Project is to teach students the skills and awareness needed to create lasting positive change in psychological processes critical to their academic and… View »


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