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Because we wanted the House Cup to be a surprise award, the Editorial Board Contributions were not distributed prior to now.  Attached are two documents:

  • Current Contributions - This is a comparison of the contributions of each Editorial Board over the last 9 months.
    • This shows that Health Sciences is a clear winner
    • Also, at first glance, Peer Reviews (both Individual and Composite) appear to have decreased.  However, this year's contributions were done during a 9 month period compared to a 12 month period in previous years.  Therefore, Peer Reviews actually increased, primarily due to the Peer Reviewer Extraordinaire Program.
  • Productivity to Date - This is a look at the numbers in each of the Editorial Boards, for Materials, Members, Peer Reviews, and Peer Reviewers (those who are currently reviewing)
    • Note that the Business Editorial Board leads in the number of Peer Reviews completed, followed by Teacher Ed and World Languages.
    • 85% of the materials in MERLOT are cataloged in areas for which we have Editorial Boards.  However, only 57% of the MERLOT Members are in areas for which we have an Editorial Board.

Great work overall, everyone, especially with less time to get it done as well as all of the other responsibilities you are juggling.

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