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Massachusetts Digital Equity for Economic and Educational Inclusion

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For state and local leaders in banking, education, workforce development, affordable housing and philanthropy...
The summit goals are to:
  1. Engage state leaders in these sectors in exploring why and how best to support a statewide network of cross-sector teams from LMI communities in seeking to remove the digital divide and strengthen local pathways into living wage careers.
  2. Assist local leaders from these sectors in the state’s LMI communities to identify and begin developing strategies for addressing their local challenges relating to digital and economic inclusion.
  3. Engage resource providers in strengthening their collaboration with one another and in helping state and local leaders tap their assistance in more integrated, impactful ways.

You can learn more about the tax-exempt nonprofit National Collaborative for Digital Equity at;

You can also see resource partners we've begun bringing together across increasingly many key dimensions of digital, economic and educational inclusion here.

Our aim is to assist leaders to generate these measurable impacts in the state's low- and moderate-income (LMI) communities -- see "impacts".

For a map to the state's Community Reinvestment Act-eligible LMI communities, please search on "Massachusetts" or a particular community of interest on our national CRA-eligible map here.


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