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I just wanted to share my Keep Toolkit digital portfolio. I have put it on my resume and I plan to be adding a few more lesson plans to it. I'd appreciate any thoughts anyone has on how I can improve my site.
Thank you!
I attended the Robert Noyce Scholarship Program summer conference in Washington DC and I coordinate this program here at UMass-Dartmouth. During the conference, one of Noyce Scholar speakers mentioned there were instructions on how to use Keep Toolkit located here in Noyce Voices. Does anyone know where they are and how to download them? Thank you!
Kym Welty
Hi Kym,

I will post the steps on how to create your own KEEP Toolkit in a moment, but it will probably be best to wait until after the conversion before you begin to create your own eportfolio via this application. You will not be able to create any new accounts at this time. The Carnegie Foundation is no longer going to provide the KEEP application, but the good news is that MERLOT will be hosting KEEP on their server and from what I understand, it will still maintain its appearance. This is good in that it will be a truely integrated component of MERLOT. The conversion is not due to be complete until after Oct 15th. I will try to keep an update on the conversion in this discussion strand.

When you attempt to join KEEP at, a notice will appear about this conversion.


Jaime Arvizu

The list below are but a few examples of the portfolios that students created via KEEP.

I have also included 2 sets of PowerPoint slides with the instructions on how to get started with KEEP. Again, you will not be able to use the application until the conversion has been completed.

Please let me know if you should have any questions.


Jaime Arvizu


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