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Flipped Classroom Materials

Presentation Materials and Resources from Cherie Ichinose and Matthew d'Alessio:

Comment by maria katosvich on March 16, 2017 at 3:18am

the notion of a flipped classroom draws on such concepts as active learning, student engagement, hybrid course design, and course podcasting.

The value of a flipped class is in the repurposing of class time into a workshop where students can inquire about lecture content, test their skills in applying knowledge, and interact with one another in hands-on activities.

During class sessions, instructors function as coaches or advisors, encouraging students in individual inquiry and collaborative effort.

Flipped classroom teachers almost universally agree that it’s not the instructional videos on their own, but how they are integrated into an overall approach, that makes the difference.

Advanced students have more freedom to learn independently. And, while high-school students still occasionally lapse on homework assignments“Flipping” is rapidly moving into the mainstream.

Most notable, though, is the emergence of the Khan Academy, an online repository of thousands of instructional videos that has been touted by Bill Gates and featured prominently in the national media.It seems almost certain that instructional videos, interactive simulations, and yet-to-be-dreamed-up online tools and software will continue to multiply.

But who will control these tools and whether they will fulfill their potential remains to be seen.


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