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This discussion forum will be used as a posting area for websites that are candidates for cataloging in MERLOT and in the OERC Collection.   Please post the URL's and people can reply with comments about any of the websites.

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From Ian Magrath

I suggest, the site of the European School of Oncology, with whom we are working and plan to work more closely. In its “links” there are numerous other URLs of interest. ESO might also, if interested, help provide “content” people.
Anil Srivastava
Open Health Systems Laboratory
@ Johns Hopkins Montgomery County Campus
9601 Medical Center Drive
Rockville, MD 20850, USA

Looking for rare tumors, I found this seemingly wonderful resource!

Add 1 more from Anil

NIH Podcasts
Dianne F Kaseman, PhD, RN

Here is some of what I have found: -

1. Level_Course_on_Cancer_Biology_by_MIT.html -
• Everything
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You have asked for a list of links. This site may provide some:


Ian Magrath
International Network for Cancer Treatment and Research
Rue Engeland 642
Brussels 1180
Tel: +32 2 373 9323

Building Capacity for Cancer Control in Developing Countries
Websites provided by
Dianne F Kaseman, PhD, RN

Here are some more sites:

1. Home Care for Cancer Patients - National Cancer Institute
Medicaid coverage includes part-time nursing care, home care aide ... For example, the ACS publication Caring for the Patient With Cancer at Home: A Guide ... - Cached - Similar

Scholarly articles for Cancer nursing-patient care

… care provided to adults with cancer: meta-analysis of … - Devine - Cited by 275
Patient satisfaction: a review of issues and concepts - Sitzia - Cited by 656
… which influence how nurses communicate with cancer … - Wilkinson - Cited by 210

1. Nursing Management of Patients with Cancer-Related Anorexia ...
by K Arensmeyer
The patient with cancer may experience vitamin and mineral deficiencies, .... to nursing due to the necessity for symptom management and patient care. ... › ... › Continuing Education Modules - Cached - Similar

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1. Nursing Care Plan for Ineffective Airway Clearance
a nursing care plan created for a patient diagnosed with hepatocellular carcinoma having difficulty of breathing. Show More ... - Cached - Similar

1. Health Professionals Associated With Cancer Care
case manager: a person who coordinates the patient's care throughout diagnosis, treatment, and recovery, often a nurse or cancer nurse specialist. ... - Cached

1. Medscape: Medical News, Full-text Journal Articles & More
OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, September 10, 2010 ... Palliative Care: A New Component of Optimal Cancer Care? ... - Similar

1. How to Prepare a Thorough Nursing Care Plan on a Patient |
Jun 2, 2010 ... How to Prepare a Thorough Nursing Care Plan on a Patient. ... Cancer Nurse Training • How to Make a Nursing Patient Teaching Plan ... - Cached

1. [PDF]
The status of cancer nursing – a European perspective Agnes Glaus ...
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
In only 7 of 20 countries data were available on the nurse / patient ... nursing urgently needscare. Despite this, cancer nurses have always been, and ...

1. Home Care For Cancer Patients, The Cancer Information Network
The Cancer Patient's Workbook: Everything You Need to Stay Organized and Informed ...Medicaid coverage includes part-time nursing, home care aide services, ... - Cached - Similar
We have some URL's that are on the OERC website. Can you check to make sure we have all these websites in the OERC catalog.
and here's the URL of the cervical cancer practice guide developed by WHO which is in the process of being up-dated:
From Ian Magrath

This is the “Pink Book” on cervical cancer:
This is WHO guidelines re: the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control:
This is UICC’s site on tobacco control:
These are WHO’s sites on Indoor Pollution: and

Other sites of interest are: and one can search this site, e.g., for each of the topics. See, for example, tobacco control on
This on cervical cancer:

Cancer Research UK also has a lot of information: for cervical cancer see: and tobacco:

If you Google “Tobacco Kills” you’ll get lots of sites and try and also

The latter for powerpoint presentations (I note that you can google specifically for PPTs.). There is a site I cannot find by Richard Peto, tobacco guru from Oxford University that has lots of info, but I cannot find it. Beware also of sham sites such “tobaccoaloud” that try to undermine tobacco control efforts.

I hope this helps.


One or two more: and

Cochrane library is a reputable source.


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