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Article: Trying To Hire A Diverse Team Of Engineers? It’s Not Just A Pipeline Issue

My quick reflection:

I got the impression that this is a narrowly focused article on CS graduates. I don't think sharing engineering problems over an online forum is going to be effective. It's too cumbersome to do online.

I also think trying to cover up who you are by going online is not the right approach to encouraging diversity. I think we should spend MORE time face to face together so it becomes the norm to see someone of color in the STEM classrooms and workforce.  I think something like Supplemental Instruction might help with promoting a feeling of inclusion.

The interview prep tips again are very CS-centric, I don't see them as being readily applicable to other STEM fields.

This article does not match what I have observed in our students here. Being in an underrepresented minority group does not seem to make them less likely to have practical experience with tinkering -- maybe in CS, but not in engineering. I know more students here who have tried building their own appliances or fixing their own cars than I did at 4-year R1 institutions.  Well, i'm not sure, I may not have surveyed enough students. But I definitely don't have a strong impression of URM students lacking that sort of personal experience compared to non-URM.

Curious to know if others find that kind of difference in characteristics/experiences in their student populations?

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Thank you Debbie, for your response!



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