Putting Educational Innovations into Practice.


As promised, here are two examples from a Safe Schools project I managed under US DOEd.   The first one was highlighted by then Deputy Sec of Dept. of Ed, Kevin Jennings, at a White House event (pretty sure that's the closest thing I can call a claim to fame - besides my children I suppose :).  The point is that it captured a lot of attention because it gave hard data in a way that appealed to the viewers' emotions, and that's what's remembered. 

Storytelling Using Data - Tapping Emotions Example

Storytelling Using Data - #2 Tapping Emotions Example

Check out these CSU MERLOT sites the addresses Storytelling!  Exactly what the community was talking about.

Illustrations such as the one below can be used to tell stories in ways that may be capture increased attention due to its novelty... 

CHEO Strategic Illustration

National StoryTelling Network site:

StoryTelling in Higher Ed site:

Articles about storytelling:

Your Brain on Fiction

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