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I propose a presentation every year at our Fall Connection. It takes place at the beginning of September, so I'm fresh from MERLOT and I usually call it "The Best of MERLOT." I highlight new ideas that I got at the MIC. For instance, I think it was last year that I learned about using the Flip Video camera in one of the presentations I attended. As well, I talk about ways to get involved with MERLOT by reviewing. Cathy's GRAPE camp has made that aspect of involving new people so much easier.

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Showing peers the discipline RSS feeds is a good way to get them to see what's going on in MERLOT, especially if they are using start page technology like iGoogle, Pageflakes, or Netvibes.

By the way, JOLT needs an RSS feed.
Our Learning/Teaching Excellence Center always invites me to present a "What's New in MERLOT" session each year. Most campuses have some sort of provost or union sponsored presentation series and I think these represent a great opportunity to promote MERLOT and disseminate information about it.
I teach workshops through Teaching/Technology workshops and follow up with people to at least got some of them interested. I also do reviews (and I got a stack waiting for me). :-)
Irene, I'm planning to do that next year as well...I like the idea of the personal follow-ups.

Yes, Grape Camp has helped me to get better connected to the MERLOT Community. I Like your idea of prefacing other opportunities with a MERLOT infomercial.



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