Putting Educational Innovations into Practice.

Here is where we will post the minutes (notes) from each conference call.

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Hi Cathy, great notes!
I was wondering whether we are still proceeding since I haven't heard anything after the conference.

I am still interested especially now with my new boss who is willing and ready to look at different educational approaches.
Hope to hear from you
(and hope that Oct 13th is not a Friday)!! :)

Here are the minutes from October 13th
Hi Cathy!

I may have overlooked this in the spreadsheet but I’m not seeing which specific sites in the Excel list you’d like for me to categorize.

Have a great week!

I'll email it to you, Trellany.
Actually, I'll attach it here. The last names of those assigned appear in Column A. You start on line 39. Spreadsheet is attached.
Thanks Cathy.
I've also attached the spreadsheet assignments. Your assignments appear in Column A (by last name)


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