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Heroes-In-Training: Voices for Colleges and Universities Faculty/Staff


Heroes-In-Training: Voices for Colleges and Universities Faculty/Staff


College and University Faculty and Staff to the open, online community for free resources and online discussions  sparked by the nationwide screening about the Stanford Prison Experiment film based on the infamous psychology experiment created by Dr. Philip Zimbardo.  

The Heroic Imagination Project, led by Dr. Zimbardo, is providing colleges and universities with this online community forum and website to provide easy access to free workshop materials to help your campus facilitate discussions before and after the screening of the Stanford Prison Experiment movie.

The Hero-In-Training program is a great opportunity to broaden students' awareness of the situational forces that inhibit us from taking effective action in challenging circumstances, and to give them practical tools they can start using right away to make a difference in their own lives and communities.

The Heroic Imagination Project will respond to questions and issues posted related to Stanford Prison Experiment screening and discussions in the discussion forums within this online community.

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