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How do get more CSU faculty to become contributing members to MERLOT

Any suggestions as to how to best get the word out to faculty about the many benefits of joining this great community and getting involved? What message do you think faculty would attend to and how do we best encourage them to become a contributing member to this great community?

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I am not sure MERLOT articulates well the benefits of joining. I would suggest we develop a "MERLOT Scholar" program and show case a faculty member per campus who fully participates the MERLOT activities and have results to show for. e.g. grants, papers, tenure, promotion, popular and successful class.
Thanks for these suggestions. I'm going to pass your recommendations to Cathy Swift of MERLOT who is responsible for our awards program - here's her profile in MERLOT Voices . Here's an overview of what we have now.
Thanks Eric. At the CSU we are instituting a MERLOT Scholar program for next year. It is part of a larger promotional effort that I've brought to the system. Trying to elevate the scholarship of MERLOT activities while showcasing their commitment to teaching excellence. Thanks for helping me think through this challenge.

I sent a memo to the College Deans about Merlot and would suggest this info is also on your college's Teaching and Learning Center website. I also have emailed professors who I think may be interested in this opportunity.

Wendy Stubbs
Instructional Designer
Northern State University
Aberdeen, SD


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