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During the TACC Webinar (Monday, Dec. 19th), please Reply to this message sharing your campuses AB 798 needs, goals, and topics you wish to see included in the Feb. 16th OLC AB 798 conference.

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CSU Bakersfield has an AL$ page. We have not created one for AB 798 yet.

We have adapted this page from CSU San Jose so it looks just likes their page...

SF State:

We are currently working on some revisions for spring.

Here's Santa Rosa's:

Things seem to be going pretty well. Our next goals are to start working on the student and academic administrators side to increase awareness. Faculty seem to be willing to adopt but need help finding materials - plus the time to re-do their courses.

  • Marketing strategies for OER in general
  • Meeting and testing for accessibility
  • Tracking strategies for adoptions / adaptions


AB 798 Professional Development roundtable

Authoring Open Textbooks (campus & CSU efforts), please see HSU Press' open call to all CSU Faculty: for a call due 1/3/17  Please share with faculty.

I second the tracking strategies.  We currently have a spreadsheet that I keep, but that's not particularly expandable to a broad scale.

I get a lot of questions on publishing. This is very helpful - thank you!

I like the idea of a roundtable to discuss professional development ideas. 

Two things that come to mind:

1) Where to search for more specialty texts (beyond COOL4Ed, OpenStax, etc.

2) How to answer faculty concerns about transferability to UC & CSU for OER (other than the standard texts)

We need to identify the best platform for adopting  and hosting OERs (Lumen, Follett Enlight, for example). We also need ideas for how to ensure faculty have adequate time to redesign courses as they integrate/adopt OERs.


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