Putting Educational Innovations into Practice.

At the TAC 2015 Conference, CSU campuses presented their success stories and this community conversation is used to ask questions, provide comments and suggestions.

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SFSU story - departmental strategies seem like an excellent strategy - are there additional needs for working with department chairs?

Connecting course choices for finding lower cost alternatives with bookstores and libraries is key

One approach we took was to award department projects with funds to the department that the chair can use to support AL$ work in their department.

I'll find the official policy for the Senate document when I get home and post the link here (if it's a link) or make it available somehow.  Aline

CSUEB - Academic Senate subcommittee was established.   Can you post the document so other use it as a model?

Regarding Cal State East Bay and the incorporation of the ALS Subcommittee into the Academic Senate, there are two relevant links:

This is a link to a document amending the policies and procedures of the Committee on Instruction and Curriculum, of which we are now a subcommittee.  It opens with this:  "At its first meeting of the academic year, CIC voted to adopt the attached policies and procedures for the 14-15 academic year. The amendments to the previous policies and procedures include the incorporation of 13-14 CIC 33 (making the Affordable Learning Solutions Subcommittee a regular subcommittee of CIC) into Article V,..."

and the other relevant paragraph is on p. 6, namely: 

"Subcommittee on Affordable Learning Solutions (ALS) Membership: One faculty representative of each College and the Library, one of which needs to be member of CIC, and one student representative from ASI. In addition, one representative each from Accessibility Services, the Bookstore, Duplicating Services, and Information Technology, but these members do not count for quorum.  Responsibilities: The CIC Affordable Learning Solutions (ALS) Subcommittee reviews issues pertaining to the financial cost to students of required academic materials including, but not limited to, textbooks and course reader packs. They are also concerned with the availability of public domain sources of information for educational purposes."

The other link is this:

It was the original draft version exclusively dealing with the ALS Subcommittee. It was ultimately scrapped in favor of what I have quoted above from the other document; however, I've included this link, too, in case you find some of the language useful for your own purposes.

CSUMB - do you have a set of responsibilies for your advocates?

Willingness to change


current deliverables for our FDC coop members are to:

  1. Identify the problem/dissatisfaction
  2. Identify concerns/issues
  3. Document in a brief narrative

At CSUSM - Having multiple ambassadors and having them meet and discuss their strategies.   Helping them become "sales" people.   

Can we reward people who are already doing this?

1. Created an AL$ badge that is put into Moodle

2. Created a google form to request  a badge

3. AT - review and awards the badge -  students clap/recognition

CSUDH:  ebrary strategy is working well - 300 faculty using ebrary.   Faculty get email from Naomi letting them know that they have access to the books. Librarian gets 15 minutes at start of the class to discuss how to use the library ebooks.

Bookstore collaboration - bookstore provides a card on the bookstore shelf that says that the library has free access to the book in the library.  there are notation of free-course materials course.

Student and faculty discussions /conversations about their strategies

Faculty workshop to hear about Follett Discover to learn about how to use this new tool.

Here are the deliverables required of the 2015 CSUDH Faculty Advisory Committee members:

  • Attendance at meetings and trainings.
  • Submit at least five consultation evaluation forms from individual AL$ consultations that you hosted.
  • Submit all evaluation forms from at least two department AL$ presentations that you hosted.
  • Submit a written summary of the information gleaned from all evaluations submitted to you;
  • Submit pre-AL$ and post AL$ participation syllabi, documenting changes in your course offerings that reflect the addition of AL$ resources.  Along with the syllabi, provide a written narrative describing these changes and the methods you used to select them.
  • Assist in the dissemination of findings and results.
  • Participate in the spring 2015 High Impact Practices Symposium.



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