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During the TACC Webinar (Monday, Dec. 19th), please Reply to this message sharing your campuses AB 798 needs, goals, and topics you wish to see included in the Feb. 16th OLC AB 798 conference.

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The Zero Textbook Cost Degrees, I think would be a good topic of interest. We have faculty who are using OER but not exclusively. But it seems like the requirements for zero cost degrees require faculty to use OER exclusively.

Sustainability of OER is a concern.  Around the topics of materials and campus OER coordination needs.

It would be nice to see AB 798 groups by discipline that I can take back to my college faculty so that they each have a network for OER in their discipline.  I would like to be educated on what already exists and what is being planned in each discipline.

this is a great idea! 

Larry, I agree and I was thinking that discipline-specific webinars (recorded)  focused on locating OER within that discipline, that included some faculty already using OER in that discipline might be useful for everyone.  Locating materials is the hardest, and it can seem overwhelming getting started, but once faculty start to see that there are materials available, they are encouraged and more confident about participating.

I'm just getting started at Sacramento City College. Aside from developing the AB798 website and participation in our Affordable Educational Resources Committee (AERC), all I've done thus far was to administer a survey to participating instructors who adopted OER in the Fall 2016 semester. I also created a survey for instructors to administer to their students. -- Antonio

PS: Our AERC has also been providing some training sessions, though attendance has been limited.

We've been working on solutions for these, but would love collaborate with colleagues and counterparts / hear what others are doing with:

  • Strategies to engage faculty with OER and get them excited about it
  • Ways of supporting faculty as they adopt since it can be a time consuming process
  • Making searching and evaluating open materials easier for faculty 

Some ideas of where to find some other upper-division materials. Many of our instructors have more control over their upper division classes and less over the larger multi-section courses.

I'm interested in any issues other community colleges might be having with transferability and articulation issues with OER textbooks for students transferring to 4-year colleges. 


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