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At the March conference on Textbook Affordability and AB 798, we received a number of requests for clarifications on the RFP.   This discussion forum will be one place where we'll highlight these updates and clarifications.   You are also welcome to ask for clarifications about the RFP as well.

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March 14th Update:

There is a variety of courses that can be included in your campus textbook affordability plan. A campus can choose to include:

  1. Any course in which students can earn academic credit toward a degree or
  2. Any course that is a prerequisite for academic credit courses toward a degree or
  3. Any course in which students can earn a certificate, certification, or degree that prepares them for the workforce.

Individual courses that are not part of or are prerequisites for an academic degree, certification, and/or certificate program are not to be included.

The 50 courses identified by the California OER Council are available for your convenience and choice at AB 798 highlights the 50 courses listed on website as an aid to campuses and faculty so they can more easily identify courses where free and open textbooks have already been identified with courses taught in the California Community Colleges, California State University, and the University of California. However, other courses satisfying i, ii, and iii are welcome.

March 14 update on Rubric Question #5

Every course included in the Campus Textbook Affordability plan must include some free and open educational resources that are being adopted by faculty and used by students in the course. These materials that are partial or complete substitutes for existing course materials meet the requirement for being free for students and with a public domain license or free for students with a Creative Commons license or free for students with legal licenses for acceptable use by faculty and all students in the course.

March 14 update on Section 4.2

#5:   The term when the free and open educational resources will begin being adopted (Fall 2016, Spring 2017, Summer 2017, Fall 2017, Spring 2018).


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