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Infographic Guide To Setup Paypal Account & Add Phone Number Easily

PayPal is the most convenient way to do online purchase. It has a noteworthy amount of merchant services. It will act as your merchant and your gateway for a specific price. PayPal has an API that allows you to process credit cards on your website. The customers will not come to know that PayPal is performing like the merchant

Sending payments using PayPal is easy, and you can even send out . For years, the most common way to receive payments on PayPal (in fact it’s still the most common way) is simply to request a payment from someone. Usually, this won’t be required if you’re using a system like Ebay, where the request for payment is an automated part of the process, and where buyers usually just pay for the products immediately upon winning the auction.

How to Setup Paypal Account?

  • Visit and click "Sign Up."
  • Enter the requested information. The process requests the new PayPal account owner's name, address, email address, business address and business customer service contact information.
  • Once all requested information is completed, submit the form.
  • Open your email and check for new messages. Look for the verification email from PayPal. This notification normally arrives within minutes, and is required to open your account.
  • Log into PayPal and follow the remaining instructions that require you to enter your bank account information. You can set up a business PayPal account with either a personal or business bank account.
  • Enter the name of your bank along with the personal or business account number and routing number as instructed.
  • PayPal will then send a verification request to your bank in the form of two small deposits. It normally takes three to five days for the verification process to complete.
  • Check your personal or business bank account transactions three to five days after setting up the PayPal account. Once you see two deposits from PayPal, you can finish setting up your account.

If you are having any PayPal problems, you may feel irritation. You will like to talk to a human being and will start looking for a PayPal UK customer service contact number.

PayPal has introduced Global Services team to handle your complaints, and, the phone number will be directed to a customer care executive that can help resolve your specific paypal queries. You can call the customer care for any instant enquiries.

How To Add Phone Number On PayPal Account?

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