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What are your reactions to the presentations at the 2009 Western Noyce Scholars Conference?

The presentations at the 2009 Western Noyce Scholars Conference is just the beginning of the exchange of ideas and learning within the Noyce Community. We welcome your comments and starting online discussions related to the presentations. When you contribute your comment, please identify the presentation that sparked your contribution so others can easily connect their reflections to the same presentation.
Thank you for contributing to the development of our collective expertise

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Educator Resources: As only NASA can!
Art Hammon, NASA * Paula Partida, NASA

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I have to say that I really appreciated the presentations from Noyce Scholars/Teachers on their use of NSDL/Noyce Project online resources and sharing opportunities. The Noyce Teachers from CSULB gave some very insightful thoughts regarding use of physics-oriented materials and resources and the CSU Fresno Scholars/Teachers reviewed a number of use cases related to a range on online resources found on, or available as links from, the Noyce Commons. Overall, I thought the Conference was an excellent use of my time.


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