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Brilliant Methods for Article Advertisement

Have you ever wondered why some writers have thousands of readers from different parts of the globe? Of course, that has something to do with the quality of the content. However, content marketing, often overlooked, is also a major contributor to this success.

The following post will highlight five different methods that can help you promote your content as a writer. Most content marketers who are successful in this field utilize some of these techniques to ensure that they reach their target market.

Top 5 Brilliant Methods of Advertising Articles

1.    Create a Website or a Blog for Your Content

Creating a website or blog that is dedicated to your writing is a wise technique since it indicates that you take your job seriously. It will help in publicizing your work and will make many people pay attention. You can use Wordpress when coming up with blogs and new sites. Post your content on a regular basis.

Also, ensure that you leave a link that will lead people to the piece. If your article can be found in a magazine, be sure to mention where it appears on the paper. By doing this, you will be marketing your article and the magazine as well.

2.    Use Social Media Platforms

Use social media platforms to tell people about your articles. Sites like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Facebook are a good place to market your content since there are very many users. Be keen to ensure that your posts are limited to the content and not about irrelevant things like vacations or escapades.

Do not mistake the content marketing platforms for avenues where you can tell people about your life. Do not be tempted to post about your newly born baby or your friend’s wedding. No matter how excited you are about an event, remain focused on the main goal. You can ask your friends to help you promote your articles on social media accounts as well.

3.    Create a Newsletter

If your articles have great content, your readers will appreciate it if they are alerted about new posts. Keeping them up-to-date with your content will give them an urge of getting to know what is inside the articles. Be sure to add more names to the list as people continue to gain interest in your work.

If at all a certain person is the inspiration behind your work, do not forget to mention their names. People like to be appreciated and won’t hesitate to let their friends know that they have been mentioned in an article. By doing so, they will have made someone else aware of your work.

In addition, do not forget to point out that people’s comments will be appreciated. Mentioning that in the newsletter will be of help since you will learn about people’s interests and their thoughts about your work. You can go ahead to make amendments depending on the comments.

4.    Send Emails and Links

If at all a person has had a particular interest in a certain piece, you can consider sending them a link to the article via email. You get to keep in touch with your readers as well. By doing so, you will let them know that you are grateful for their interest in your work. If you write an article about a topic that someone loves, ensure that you send them and other subscribers a link.

5.    Share Your Success Story by Submitting a Press Release

Whenever you have been promoted, tell people about it. You can do so through your local newspaper, especially if it has a weekly column for such news. You will be astonished by how many friends, co-workers, schoolmates, and neighbors will call to ask about your work.    


If you want to venture into article advertisement or have been wondering how to thrive in the field, you can choose some of these methods to help you get to your target market. Alternatively, you can also decide to utilize all of them in case you are not yet sure which one will work best for you.

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