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These Local Practices in College are so Bizarre that they Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Every day is an adventure while in college, with students engaging in a host of crazy shows and gathering memories that almost last there lifetime. Strange things happen on campus grounds and proceed to become long lasting traditions passed down from one student generation to another marked with the craziest of the student behavior. Since these events happen before or after the final exams, most of the students find themselves buried in tons of homework and it is hard to participate in these awaited events. However, with services, one can fully take part or watch the college’s practices which only happen once in a while, and one cannot afford to miss out.

Bizarre Local Practices in College:

Orgo Night at Columbia University

Orgo Night draws its origin from the painstaking study of Organic Chemistry. It is named in honor of the Organic Chemistry giants and is one of the most favorite nights on the campus except to the tormented organic chemistry students and the campus authority.

The night is characterized by the poring of reading materials in the reading room of the library by the Organic Chemistry giants in the backdrop of mighty distraction by the school’s marching band. Hundreds of on-looker students bundle themselves in various corners of the campus; basking in the raucous musical performances and off-color jokes.  


Shoe Tree at Murray State University

The shoe tree is a sign of good luck to couples who meet at Murray State. All you need to do as a couple is to return to the campus and nail a pair of mismatched shoes on the tree trunk to carry home your luck. The shoe tree standing near the Pogue library at Murray State is a living testimony of the blossoming love on the campus.


Naked Quad Run at Tufts

As crazy as it sounds,  Naked Quad Run, for Tuft students began as the most worshipped style of giving the fall semester a proper send-off. The event involved stripping and sprinting through the cold winter night in full thrill and intoxication. The students aimed to take this event to toxic and out-of-control levels as a way of exorcizing the demons of the semester ends.

Due to increased casualties, the university had to bring this naked frivolity tradition to a stop. Naked Quad Run today is survived by the Excessively Overdressed Quad Stroll which is a less risky tradition that involves donning excess layers of clothing.






Carlton College’s Primal Scream and Silent Dance Party

On the night preceding finals, usually at 10 pm, Carlton students take a moment to vent off the study-induced torment in a single scream fortified with mob madness before they quietly get back to business as usual silence.

The Carlton silent party is a sharp contrast to the Carlton Primal scream. It all begins in the library where students assemble in the library ahead of finals with headphones that channel shared music playlist into their brains. The sight of a silent dance is all bizarre to a casual library user.

Dragon Day at Cornell University

You would see students disguised in costumes made of masking tape and discarded beer boxes while carrying a model dragon during the earlier days of the dragon day at Cornell University. It all sprang from the decision by the school of architecture to have an occasion for revelry. Today, however, Engineering students have chosen to take the occasion beyond what used to be all fun and seized it as an opportunity to vent off their semester frustrations by inventing a creature that seeks to confront the dragon leading to a heated rivalry between them and the architecture students.

Naked Bike Ride at the University of Vermont

This is practiced at Vermont University where towards the end of their annual schooling, students find the much awaited Naked Bike as the most effective way of expressing their freedom. The night on the eve of the class finals finds Vermont University students fully undressed and clutched to their bikes, ready for a ride.

This is a nuisance according to the university administration but quite a celebration for the students in a demonstration of the university pride and positive body image. They call it freedom from clothing!


College holds the bulk of the crazy memories in a student’s life. It is only in college where scholars slip off the conventional behavior without drawing glances from the people around. Some students, however, are no fan of these crazy indulgences. But we cannot ignore the fact that these traditions are what make every institution unique. However, they become compromising when there is over indulgence or when the students’ lives are threatened.

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