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With Halloween fast approaching you might be looking for things to do around the Las Vegas area that will give you a little bit of a scare. There are plenty of hotels and locations around Las Vegas that offer an abundance of seasonal offers for travelers to enjoy. Sure you can enjoy the incoming fall season with some "fall themed" dining options, or have a taste of one of the many seasonal brews from around the area. For some, the real fun lies in getting the pants scared of you and your friends. For the serious horror buffs there are several options you can choose from. Eli Roth brings his new "Goretorium" to the Strip which brings with it some of the scariest and most innovative haunted attractions in the area. For long-time fans, Frightdome returns again for a 10th year bringing along classic horror staples as well as some new surprises. Sound a bit too intense? 
A group of friends take a trip to a cabin in the woods for a long weekend. Sounds fun, right? Well, it would have been fine except they accidentally unleashed some dark forces that turned them all into blood thirsty demons and sent a zombie horde right for kid friendly shows in las vegas their cabin. Talk about an interesting addition to your vacation.

Have no fear! For Ash, the demon killing hero (and friend to his once human buddies) is there to save the day.Looking for something a little more relaxed, but still want to see some blood? Are you a fan of the cult classic Evil Dead movie series featuring "Evil Dead", "Evil Dead 2" and "Army of Darkness"? Then there is a show out there that you must check out this Halloween season. "Evil Dead: The Musical 4D".

Shotguns and chainsaws seem to do the trick. The events that transpire can only be described as a bloody good time. What makes "Evil Dead: The Musical 4D" even more unique is that it is one of the only productions in the world that has a "Splatter Zone". What is the Splatter Zone? It is is special area set very close to the stage, so close in fact that when someone loses an arm or a leg (Yes, that happens) you will more than likely get showered with blood.

Don't worry. This musical production is suitable for most audiences. It has everything you love about the Evil Dead movie series, plus singing and dancing zombies. What a perfect way to usher in the Halloween season. Come see why this is one of the quickest rising musicals in the Las Vegas area. Sing along with the cast, watch as body parts fly and blood splatters. The splatter zone will get you up close and personal with the undead. What could be more fun for a night out than hanging out with a bunch of dancing zombies?

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