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You can also use it for your students to generate cooperatives beyond the boundaries of your own classroom!!
How can we start a Community Conversation for the CSU Teaching Business Commons?


Hi Ron
You could start a thread called CSU Business under the Business Community Conversations. That might be an eas route to take.

We really need a separate area for the CSU folks...can you create a CSU Teaching Business Commons Community Conversations area for us? We want to link it to our CSU Teaching Commons website

I will talk to our Webmaster about this. I think it's a good idea. And we could set up a Conversation for any MERLOT Partner who requests one.
I belong to two other Ning communities as well. In all three I find the immediacy and subgroups to be an efficient way to find information, ask questions, and contribute efficiently. What is interesting is that I have one Ning account for all three. There is an interconnectedness for me in moving among these communities. I think this is a logical step for MERLOT.
Thanks for you comment, Cris. We hope that Voices grows virally, but it can't do any harm to let your colleagues know about it by inviting them to join.
I see this tool as an excellent way to increase regular usage of our MERLOT Science Education Community Portal.
I was checking out the site and found two videos that I can use today for my online class! Thus, I love how you have the site organized to showcase videos, articles, etc. of the week.

Robbie Melton
I just joined. I am totally new to online social networking and don't yet know how this can be used to gain understanding of my work.


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