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March 2018 Blog Posts (3)

Is living in a city difficult on teachers' income?

Actually there is, it is just not very affordable real estate. I pass lots of real estate on Rt. 15 that would normally be within less than an hour's drive of DC. The 2 problems are the price tag (starting in the low 500's) and the fact traffic congestion turns a 40 minute commute into an hour and half commute.

I didn't say I disapprove of commuting. You…


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Teachers burning out

Let's revisit the main epiphanies of the author of the article on a website where I buy thesis:

1. A teacher couldn't get a "much higher paying job outside teaching" like most teachers think. She would need to take a $10K/yr pay cut to leave teaching.

2. The author clearly doesn't know how to evaluate equivalent pay. While she claims it would merely be a $10K/yr cut, she doesn't count the…


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Are there any miracle schools? There are good ones!

I am troubled by the "redistribution of resources" that cheap essay writer talks about and how I am truly tired of feeling as though I have something to be ashamed of because I worked hard to achieve a modicum of success and that my children were then raised in a neighborhood far better than the one that I was raised in, and that somehow I am now expected to pay for those folks left behind in that neighborhood. Years…


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