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June 2017 Blog Posts (6)

How To Become A Greatest Freelance Writer

There are more graduates than ever entering an increasingly dwindled job marketplace. With possibilities in the arts and media more scarce as they have got ever been, graduates are having to get creative in their approaches to earn cash and do it in their preferred area of study.

For many, freelancing seems like an easy job to do from home. However, that is one of the misconceptions. The idea that freelancing is a 'walk in the park' wears off…


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5 Differences Between A-level Students in China and USA (a Note for Educators)

In the past thirty years, China has risen to global prominence on the back of exponential economic advancement. However, to achieve an overall superpower status as it so evidently seeks, there is a need to achieve leading status in all areas of life for its citizens. One of these areas is education, being among the most important issues in the life of any citizen. Less…


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How to Write A Great Hook For Essay

The key to any great essay is a snappy introduction that hooks the reader in and brings them on board with the topic that you’re covering. It’s a concept that’s borrowed from fiction writing (i.e. “Call me Ishmael”), song writing and journalism. You need to grab attention at the start if you want people to follow it through to the end.

Without a good hook, your…


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5 Amazing Mobile Tools for Finding the Best Students Scholarships

College tuition fee has become high over the years in public universities and even higher in private institutions making it harder to afford for some students. The price tag is well worth it as graduates earn way more over the course of their lifetime. Despite the high rates of earning, having to pay the expensive college fee is not appealing to a majority of students.

Scholarships are a great way to make college more affordable. They are usually awarded by colleges to students that…


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Writing A College Essay When You Are An Athlete

When you decide to try out for a varsity scholarship, there is a lot at stake, especially when it comes to your education. Most student athletes go into a school with the idea that their professors will go light on them just because they represent the school. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Student athletes have higher expectations. Not only do they have to…


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7 Steps to Picking the Right College

This is perhaps the biggest decision any high school senior has ever made. Considering that all professional careers require a college education, it is a protocol for the seniors to fill out college applications for relevant courses that suit their career choice, and there is stiff competition for the limited entry positions in most colleges today. While the process is indeed a step…


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