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August 2018 Blog Posts (3)

Online Assignment Help as One of the Ways to Get More Money for Students

Being a young adult carries tons of problems on its own and financial difficulties should not be among them. We've all been there - you want to be independent, especially financially, but the pocket money, or scholarship, or the savings just aren't cutting it. Luckily, there's always a way around it - online help is an easy and efficient way to earn some extra money.

‘’We are living in the age of the Internet…


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The Dog Ate My Homework - Procrastination and High School Students

"What are some tips to help my kid stop procrastinating?" Before trying to implement a solution, identify the underlying cause. WHY is your teen procrastinating in school? Once we can identify the reason (or reasons!) then we can figure out how to help him/her become more effective.…


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Learn to Listen and Enjoy Listening

Finding new friends can be a painful process. At least once in our lives we have to move from one place to another. Switching houses is just part of a problem. But if you are moving to a totally new place, you have to change an educational institution, too. Some people are looking forward to seeing new places and meeting new friends. But there are some that think about first day in new school, college, or university, and their hearts stop. For them, there can't be a bigger torture than…


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